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At Studybuddy4u, we believe that education is the right of all and with this objective, we aim at connecting the learners with the experts of the fields that they wish to learn.  Under the authority of Basknjoy Edunet services, Studybuddy4u has been created with the aim to develop a platform where students and educators can connect with each other. Education is the greatest asset for any individual and therefore we wanted to give this asset to everybody in the comfort of their home. When we say education, we are for promoting a holistic upbringing that will encompass co-curricular activities too, supplementing your academic pursuits.

As an educator, you can register on our website for free and be visible to students and parents looking for teaching professionals and mentors – be it a home tutor or running an institute for coaching or even online classes.  You can post demo sessions exhibiting your core strengths and we help create your suitable profile for reaching out to target students, generating leads, getting reviews, and feedback.

If you are a student or a parent seeking expert guidance for yourself or your children then Studybuddy4u is destined to become your perfect source for reaching out to a huge database of educators to choose from.  You will be able to find one-to-one, institutional, and online coaching solutions here. Here you can register online for free at our platform and choose the expert of your choice to utilize their knowledge to learn and shine.

We’ll keep innovating and creating new opportunities for teachers and students, nurturing best practices and a sustained joy of shared learning.

The Study Buddy Program

Shout out to all the students out there wanting to learn with their peers to boost up the confidence and have a company while you learn with the experts. With our Study Buddy program, the willing students can connect with other students or their friends with matching learning interests and have a group study session. We never forget to keep up with the spark of studying and learning from your peers and seniors – deriving the benefits of synergies among diverse talents.  Who can be more empathetic and understanding than your fellow student?  Your best buddy, maybe you’ll find one out here.

The Sahaj Shiksha Program

When education is the right of all then why should even one be scared of it? With our social education program of Sahaj Shiksha, you can help the underprivileged or deprived sections of the society to get an education which is their basic right. For this, we are crowdsourcing educational content for achieving minimum basic education for all.  Students, teachers, senior citizens have started contributing to this noble cause. An effort is always rewarded when it is for a cause. Help the disadvantaged and the deprived in accessing their fundamental right – a minimum basic education.