Right from birth parents nurture a vision about their child

The most basic question about a child’s development is how Nature and Nurture together influence and shape the Vision of a child.

Let us understand the two aspects in details.

  1. Nature refers to our biological endowment. In simple words, the Genes we receive from our Parents.
  2. Nurture on the other hand refers to the environment: social, emotional, physical that influences our development everything from the womb in which we develop before birth to the abodes in which we grow up, the schools we attend and the people we meet or interact in our daily lives.

Both the Nature and Nurture are interrelated .For ex, is our Intelligence due to our genes or to the environments in which we live?

In fact every aspect of our development is influenced to a larger extent by the genes as well as the environment we live in. The way in which nature and nurture work together can be well observed and experienced through visual development. Many people view vision as something that people are either born with or is been taught by their parents from the time of their birth.

It has been observed that parents who are engrossed and contribute more in nurturing their child are more likely to create successful adults and are able to gift them the best of the world with new Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations to accomplish them.

A child’s first learning institution is her or his home, they learn most from their parents, grandparents and the environment in which they are raised. A Child’s personality trait is shaped in the formative years due to both nature and nurture.

 Parents play a pivotal role in creating a vision of their children and appropriate parenting and nurturing shapes children’s development through multiple channels, physically through nutrition, activity and stress, intellectually through informal experience. formal instruction and socially through adult role model and peer relationships.

Conversely students whose parents are not involved and lacks proper guidance, parenting ,nurturing stay disconnected , it may safely me assumed that their may some deficiency in grooming a child . Their can be negative influence in grades he or she gets initially and then as he or she reaches adolescence other issues in terms of behavior are noticed.  They often gets into trouble and feel less happy and content in all walks of life.

Role of parents in the education of their child is very significant,. Kids want their parents to provide guidance and should remain involved in their schooling for the initial years. The natural attention-seeking pattern in kids includes their parents’ attention in education .Parents need to be involved in school activities and education as a whole.

Here are few tips where parents can nurture the vision in the following ways:


  1. Kids perform better in Academics

When kids know that their parents care for their performance in tests or examinations, they perform better, even for the sake of their parents. Too much pressure on kids is not good but appreciating and encouraging kids is always best.


  1. Confident and friendly:

One of the prominent role of parents in the education of their child, when parents ask kids about school activities, kids talk about little achievements or friend circles. Kids become confident towards themselves as parents provide motivation to the  kids  They start becoming friendlier toward their peers and abstain from unwanted actions.


  1. Disciplined:

If a kid has a habit of staying disciplined at home, they will act the same way in school. When kids listen to parents, so will they listen to teachers. Kids will grow up to be a responsible citizen  and will discipline themselves.

  1. Social skills:

Kids whose parents fulfill roles in the education of children have better life and social skills. They are more cheerful and tackle problems better. They are filled with love and care from parents and spread the same. Professionally, they are confident and perform better than other kids, and have improved social skills.


After all, we were all kids at a time in our lives, and the pattern of education is not always what we expect it to be. There can be highs and lows, but the true vision and encouragement will help our children to avoid their indulgence into wrong practices and demotivate them.

We must Love our kid and be a responsible parent first by fulfilling our roles in their basic education. Rather than striving for better results, focus on the discipline and overall behavior of your child. Discipline is the best non -formal education as a parent that we can give our children.