Terms & Conditions ~ Mentors Registration

Agreement between Mentors shortlisted in the pool/panel for mentoring services through BASKNJOY EDUNET SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED

The services of this website www.shikshaamdehi.com (“Website”) are available only to the registered users (“Users”) on a single user basis, for a particular period of time on making the stipulated payment and abiding by the applicable terms and conditions. The said services are personal in nature and cannot be assigned or transferred to or shared with any other person other than the registered users.

By registering yourself as a user and subscribing to avail the services of this Website, it will be deemed that you have read, understood, and agreed to fully abide by all the terms and conditions of the Website as contained herein.

Further, by registering on the Website, you agree to:

  • make your contact details available to shikshaamdehi.com partners so that you may be contacted by  www.shikshaamdehi.com partners for education information through email, telephone, and SMS;
  • receive promotional mails/special offers from the Website or any of its partner websites; and/ or
  • be contacted by shikshaamdehi.com in accordance with the privacy settings set by you.

The contract is subject to change/termination at the behest of either of the two parties (Mentor or the Service Provider) after a prior notice of a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 30 days notice and acceptance of which is necessary, The service provider, if it deems necessary, may insist on security deposit from the registered mentors based on fee bill of each mentor and such deposit is subject to refund at the time of termination of agreement/contract.


Mentor/s chosen or the service provider does not guarantee any turnaround or results and are not liable for any adverse results.  The service provider only facilitates the selection of mentors based on their credentials & academic records from a pool/panel of mentors available with the service provider through a screening process which may be conducted online or offline.  Periodical review of the mentors on the panel of the service providers shall be shared with concerned mentors and may be viewed online.

We understand and agree that the service provider charges a registration fee and a requisite charge on a fee agreed for the mentors for providing web-enabled infrastructure and related services.  The rate of the registration fee and charge on mentors’ fee shall be subject to change without any prior notice. Kindly visit these terms and conditions before entering into an agreement to availing of the services. Terms and conditions of this agreement are subject to change without any prior notice by the service provider and any change herein is notified through the display on website, email, written mails or public notice in any electronic or audio/audio-visual/print media and shall be considered to have the effect of having been informed to all concerned i.e. students/guardians/parents/mentors.

By registering with BASKNJOY EDUNET SERVICES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED (herein called the service provider) online or offline, you agree to pay the requisite fee to the service provider based on the agreed rate of fee chargeable on fee/rates per session from students networked through service provider’s website as applicable as at the time of availing the service/s.  We understand and agree that the requisite charge on the fee paid is on account of IT infrastructure and facilitation services provided by the service provider.   The service charge of the service provider shall be deducted at source from the fee paid by students/guardians/parents at rates agreed on per session basis for a trial period and later on mutually agreed terms.    The mentors shall be paid their share of the fee at prescribed rates directly in their bank accounts submitted at the time of registration with the service provider. One time registration fee shall be chargeable at notified rates at the time of registration on a non-refundable basis. 

You agree not to enter into any direct financial transaction, ourselves or through any third party related/unrelated to us, with the students/guardians/parents by the mentor/s and due payments shall be routed through the service provider directly in the bank account of the service provider on per session basis or weekly basis whichever is later.  We agree that payments are done on per session basis and in the case due to any reasons beyond the control of mentor/s or service provider if the mentor/s fails to complete sessions for which fee has already been paid; either the mentor is required to complete the sessions committed (which may be deferred maximum by a week), failing which the service provider shall refund the amount paid by student/guardian/parents and the mentor/s concerned shall forfeit all his rights in the payments/security deposit unless due notice for termination of the agreement is given as stated hereinbefore. 

Direct canvassing or solicitation from the students/guardians/parents shall be considered misconduct and the mentor/s may forfeit his dues and security deposit in case such an incident is reported to the service provider and information from the student/guardian/parent himself shall be considered true and binding.


Conduct of the mentor at all times is required to be and is sought to be in the highest degree of morality and should be decent at all times while in course of fulfilling task and/or in the course of interaction with the students, guardian, parents, and staff of the service provider or fellow mentors for the Service provider and for every action and consequences thereby the mentor is himself/herself responsible. Mentor/s shall him/herself be responsible for any misconduct of any nature on his part as a mentor servicing through a service provider or in his/her personal capacity. Mentor hereby takes complete responsibility for personal actions and/or misconduct that might hurt the reputation of the service provider entity. The service provider does not commit itself to any legal/defense services for personal misconduct of the mentor/s. The service provider shall not be liable for any type of misconduct on the part of mentor/s.